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Advancement to Nursing: Links to Nursing Resources

Welcome ATN Students

Advancement to Nursing


Scholarly Articles - Use a Database Such as These

Via National Library of Medicine (freely available to all)

EBSCOHost Databases through nearby public libraries and State Lib of Ohio

There are links to health sciences databases below that are available through public libraries.  These all use the EBSCO user interface and have the same look & feel..  The links below are arranged under the name of the library that provides the access

**See information in the box in the upper right of this page about APA formatting tool in the EBSCOHost health science databases.

Via Akron Summit County Public Library (ASCPL)

Via Barberton Public Library

Via The State Library of Ohio


Search Across All eBook Titles in the Collection

Spearch Within a Specific Title - To search within a single title, bring up the main title page of the book and then click on the button labeled "Search This Title."  This will cause a special search box to pop-up on the page as shown below.

Special Note About R2:

For most titles in the R2 Library, Summa has purchased only 1 copy (1 concurrent user).  This means only 1 Summa user at a time can use a given title.  If the title you want is inaccessible for this reason, come back and try again in 10-20 minutes.

History of Nursing Books - look here for information about trends in nursing over time, the development of nursing as a type of profession, and certain important persons as the nursing profession developed

Nursing Theory & Theorists - Look here to find information about specific nursing leaders in history

APA Formatting In EBSCO Databases

One advantage of doing your searches in an EBSCO interface database is that it will put your references into APA format for you if you so specify.

1)  As you search the database, place desired references in your EBSCO "folder."

2) Select all the references that you want to put in APA format, then select Print, Email, or Save As File from right side of the screen.

3) At the following screen you may select APA format among several choices for formatting your chosen references.

Your instructor may want you to verify that the automatic formatting is correct.  Sometimes these automated citation generators do make mistakes when formatting references without the help of a human.  See the box below for online resources that may help you verify the formatting of your references. 

Information on the APA Format

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