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Health Equity Information Resources - a Summa Medical Library Guide

Guide on Health Equity / Disparities, Population Health, & Cultural Competence

Cultural Competency Resources

a guide provided by the Summa Medical Library

This webpage provides:

  • General Infromation Sources on Culturally Competent Healthcare (eBooks & Websites)
  • CLAS Standards
  • Cultural and Health Care Information for the following people groups:
    • African Americans / Blacks
    • Asian American Pacific Islanders
    • Bosnians
    • LGBTQ+
    • Nepalese & Bhutanese

CLAS Standards Document

See also the link to the Think Cultural Health website in box on the left for more extensive information on the Standards.

Nepalese & Bhutanese

Cultural & Background Information

Patient Ed / Health Promotion for Bhutanese & Nepalis

Bosnians and Populations near Bosnia

LGBTQ+ Cultural Information

Cultural & Historical Information

LGBTQ Health and Medicine Resources

Educational Resources

Asian American Pacific Islander (AA/PI) Health and Medicine Information