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Summa Library's Quick Guides on Specific Library Resources/Services

General Introduction to Library Services

Requesting Articles

Do you need a particular article?  We can usually help you find it or provide it to you through our Document Delivery Service.

If you're not sure how to find an article, just call (330-375-3260) or email us ( We will assist you.  If you're interested, we can also teach you how to find the full text on your own.

When you contact us to request a certain article:

  • Let us know as much reference information that you have about the article. If you know the PMID #, please include that information in your request.  (Some articles do not have PMIDs)
  • For best results, email or fax us that information rather than leaving it on voice mail.
  • If you have a list of two or more specific articles that you need, please do not call in the information you have. Instead scan the list of references for the articles that you need and attach the scan to an email to OR copy/paste or type the article references into an email to us.

* We will not print out online articles for you, nor will we fax them to you.  We will be happy to email them to you, however.


Do you need to find articles on a certain topic?  We can help you through our literature search consults/tutorials

Literature Search Services

Due to staffing level, The librarians are unable to provide customized literature searches for all Summa personnel.*  However, librarians ARE available to provide tutorials and consults to assist you in your effort to find information / articles that you need.  We provide both:

  • In-Person One-on-one Tutorials or Consults On How & Where To Search - Call (330-375-3260) or email ( the Summa Medical Library to set up your appointment 
  • Phone Tutorials or Consults -  Pre-scheduled phone appointments are recommended. Call (330-375-3260) or email ( the Summa Medical Library to set up your appointment. Impromptu phone consults are possible, but subject to librarian availability at the time of your call
    • For best results, both the caller and the librarian should be sitting in front of their computers during the phone call


What Can I Learn from a Librarian Tutorial/Consult?

  • We can help you better utilize the library's website and point out resources that might be helpful to you
  • We can teach you better techniques for your own searchs for literature and information you need. 
  • If you have searched on your own and not been able to find what you need, a librarian may be able to work with you on terminiology that will yield better results

* Librarian-mediated literature searches are usually available to attendings and managers & above

Finding an eBook or eJournal Title

Are you trying to find out if a certain journal title or eBook is availabe to you through the Summa Medical Library?

  • You can check in the Fulll Text Finder database to see if we have it....

Or call (330-375-3260) or email ( the library for assistance

Finding a Hardcopy book

Are you looking for a hardcopy book?  Look in our online catalog that has Summa Library's holdings: NEOLINK

We are testing a new service!  ...Book delivery straight to you through interoffice mail!  That means that borrowed books can be sent to you at any location that receives interoffice mail through the Summa interoffice mail operation (including most SHMG offices).*  They can also be returned to the Library through interoffice mail.

*A few of our books may not be able to be sent through interoffice mail due to their being paricularly heavy or fragile.  This will be decided at the discretion of library staff.

The Library Staff - Contact Information and Hours

General Hours of Library Staffing:  8:00 AM to 4:30 PM  (no staffing on weekends of holidays)

Main Library Contacts:
Main Library Phone No: 330-375-3260   |   Main Library Email:   |   Library Fax: 330-379--5034 (new fax #)

*Wendy Hess
Systems Librarian


*Charlotte Sievert
Information Services Librarian


*Kathleen Walker
Clinical Informationist