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Summa Medical Library

Summa Health Medical Library

The Summa Health Library wishes to honor and support all Summa healthcare professionals and staff working in harm's way during this pandemic. We acknowledge your sacrifices, hard work, and bravery…Please let your librarians know what you need!


COVID-19 information and training available on Trending Topics guide. Or go this URL

We beg your pardon and your patience. We have found it necessary to rearrange and rebuild our website: Please let us know if there is a link or feature you really miss from the old site, and if possible, we will try to get it back up ASAP, rather than later.  Contact us at

Important Note: The library staff are working remotely at this time.  You can still contact us to request library services.  All our contact information may be found on the About the Library page (click here), or select About the Library from the left-hand menu.

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