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Summa Medical Library

Summa Health Medical Library

The Summa Health Library wishes to honor and support all Summa healthcare professionals and staff working in harm's way during this pandemic. We acknowledge your sacrifices, hard work, and bravery…Please let your librarians know what you need!


COVID-19 information and training available on Trending Topics guide. Or go this URL

JAMA has published its list of the "Most Talked About" JAMA Network Articles of the Year.  Many of these are centered on COVID-19 research and the AMA offers CME credit on a llot of these articles, which you can apply for as part of Summa's license agreement with JAMA.  Link to this list through the COVID page on the Trending Topics library guide. There's a link to JAMA's list in the Current Literature box on the COVID Trending Topics guide.

Important Note: The library staff has at least one librarian staffing the library during the normal library hours again, M-F, 8:00 A.M. to 4:30 P.M.  Each of them also works from home at least one day per week. 

You can contact us by phone or email or fax to request library services.  You may view more detailed scheduling information and find all our contact information on the About the Library page (click here), or select About the Library from the left-hand menu.


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